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Nick produces all of the jingles and promos. He created his own podcast, Nicks Musical Memories in September 2016. The podcast reminisces about his favorite childhood memories and music. New episodes air on Thursdays at 6pm, PT. You can also listen by phone by calling 605-475-4438. 

3 Blind Grands Concert

3 Blind Grands consists of pianists Nick Baker, Mac Potts, Brent Gjerve and vocalist Darcy Schmidt. A benefit concert for the Pacific Foundation for Blind Children and the School of Piano Technology for the Blind in Vancouver, WA. 

Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory

An uplifting documentary about a nonprofit organization called, Music & Memory, that demonstrates music's ability to fight memory loss and restore a sense of self. 

"Lila and the Dandelion" Theme Song

Nick Baker wrote and performed the theme song, "You Don't Have to be Perfect," for Sheryl Hershey's children's book, titled "Lila and the Dandelion." 

Click here to learn more about the collaboration between musician and author.

Nick's book is now available in HARDCOVER!

Nick Baker has written and published his first book, "Turtle," together with his mother, Kathy Passage.

It's a story about a child with multiple disabilities being teased in school for being different.  It's about having a special talent, overcoming obstacles, finding acceptance, and making friends.  Go to the "Buy" tab on this website to learn more!

Available for purchase on Amazon now!

United by Music

This is an exceptional program Nick Baker has had the privilege to be a part of! Check out their mission statement below and their website for specific United by Music events. 

"To further the scope of United by Music in Europe by providing programs of study and performance in blues, swing and jazz music for musically talented people with intellectual disabilities in North America. We aim to improve the quality of life for members of our company and challenge public attitudes about people with an intellectual disability showing that we are more alike than we are different and profiling the exceptional talents of our company members."

CD Baby

Visit Nick Baker's artist site at CD Baby for MP3 downloads and CD's.

Nick Alexander Baker on Facebook

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AirPlay Direct Link for Radio Download

Visit Airplay Direct for radio station downloads of Nick Baker's music.

Dancing Dots

Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology, L.P. develops and adapts music technology for blind users.  One of Nick's personal favorite Dancing Dots products is CakeTalking, which customizes JAWS for Windows so Nick can utilize SONAR software to create, edit and record music in the comfort of his home studio.  Nick is also able to work on complex sound engineering projects for his clients using this incredible product.  Check out Dancing Dots many music and accessibility products and services.

APSE: Advancing Employment, Connecting People

APSE is a national non-profit organization that supports an annual national conference focused on integrated employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Music Department at Shoreline Community College Events
Love Potion No. 9

Dynamite Limbo performing at Wild Vine Bistro in Bothell, WA, in March 2013.  Nick Baker is on keyboards and Chris Yates is on guitar.

Written in 1959 by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.  Originally performed by The Clovers.