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Talked to your Mom at Ware House 23 in Vancouver on Saturday night. Enjoyed your music and sent a Facebook friend request. Know about your 5-18-17 performance at the Kiggins---we will be there. a
Nick & Kathy- Thank you for coming to the Alderwood Terrace Rotary and sharing your music and life experiences. Our club so appreciates your musical talent (you were in fine voice especially for that early in the morning!), and hearing 'Turtle', how you overcame a difficult situation back in your school days. All the best to you and your continued success! Sincerely, Phil McConnell
you nick the slick good work today. Cant wait to work with you again!!!!
Hi Nick Long time no see! your website looks pretty cool. Miss hearing you sing. Maybe some day again our paths will cross. Take care
Nick, You're incredibly talented. The world is a better place because you're in it!
Wow. What an inspiration to all of us. I have hydrocephalus since I was 8 and was the only one on the play field wearing a helmet. I was also way ahead of my time and had to wear the helmet when I rode my bike. Now days everyone does that. WAY TO GO NICK
Nick and Brian were so fantastic! Thanks for finding us! Can't wait to have you all back!
Thank you for coming to manor care nursing facility. My brother Carl thoroughly enjoyed your performance. He's still talking about it! You made him very happy! Thanks!
Hi Nick, I am the Treasurer of PNWAER and friend of Dean Stenehjem, Administrator of the WSSB. We are working on arranging your performance with my friend, Meka White, who is a member with me of the Washington Council of the Blind. She is a member of a local chapter in the Bremerton, WA area. I live in the southeastern Washington area and am a member of Guide Dog Users of Washington State, a Mobility Instructor, and supporter of Meka. I just listened to your ”3 Grands” performance in Vancouver and I am overjoyed with your music. You are AWESOME and I don't use that word lightly. I am looking forward to meeting you in July if you are able to come and sing a duet or back up or your own performance that day. It will be so very exciting for us all to be able to hear you play and hear Meka sing. See you in July, Holly Kaczmarski, Treasurer, PNWAER Treasurer, GDUWS P.S. It seems that I always end up as Treasurer and I am not an accountant. I am a Biologist by training and play the cello and piano myself. Music and Art are my first loves, Biology was my career, and now Blind Rehabilitation. See you soon. I like your website. HK
Nick, I'm an old friend of your mom's from Glendale High. She referred me to your website. I am quite impressed with your musical talent and the beauty of your music. I'm going to download some of it and let some friends hear it. Marvin Person
I have been spending quite a bit of time on your web page, Nick, and have encouraged many of my Internet friends around the country to do so. As with everything else about you, I am tremendously impressed. My best to you and your family.
Hi Nick! You might get this twice.....sorry...when I went to submit it, my internet went down, so I don't know if it went through or not. It was great seeing you yesterday at Hi-Star. Thank you so much for coming to play for our students and staff. We really appreciate it, and hope you can come back again. You are the best, and your music is awesome! I'm listening to your CD's right now. Thanks again! Love, Bridget
Nick, you inspire us. Love your music!!
Hi Nick and Kathy, Hopefully you remember me. I worked with Nick for a few years back at Dine Center when he was about 10-13. I am so impressed. I always knew you (nick) would do great things. You are awesome. Hope you are doing well! Love!
Nick, Your musical talent has always been amazing. I'm glad to know that you have continued on this wonderful musical journey since your young days at Dine. Keep up the great work!! I'm proud of you.
Hello Nick I am on the Board of Directors for Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club and I'm looking forward to meeting you at our fundraiser on 3/27. I'm putting together some flyers to publisize the event and wondered if I could use your photo from your home page for the flyer. Also, is this your first performance on Whidbey Island? Thanks
I am absolutley overwhelmed by your web site. I think it is very emotional for all of us here at Hi-Star to see the man you have grown into. We are all so proud of you. Keep it up... Best Regards Always Bill Kenna
Hi Nick, Oh my goodness!!! So proud and excited to view your web page. I was one of your teachers back at Dine'. Susan told me about your web page. Very cool!!!
Hi Nick... Great looking website! Steve did a nice job. I am thinking about using HostBaby for my website that was built for me 8 years ago and is stagnant. I need a fresh, clean look. Love your music!